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Posted by HJB 14 Mar 2012 - 1:19:00 PM

Hi all, I am a noobie. I am in Adelaide and must admit I have not been very active in the garden fo quite a number of years. I use to live in Darwin and was quite enthusiastic there, I joined the TENPS (Top En Native Plant Society) there and learned quite a bit, however that was17 years ago!!

I have a plant in my backyard which I am not sure what it is, I thought it was a bush but am starting to think it might be some type of ficus tree. It was in the shade of some larger trees before but is now in full sun so it is really taking off.

I have attached a photo of the leaves and flowers, if you need a photo of the whole thing I can post another photo.


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Re: HJB 14 Mar 2012 - 1:21:00 PM

I thought I would add the other photo in case it helps identifying.


Re: SHELL76 17 Mar 2012 - 5:03:00 AM

I think that this may be a Syzygium paniculatum - magenta Lilly Pilly.
Does it have pink to red succulent fruit?
I have one in my backyard in Sydney.

Good luck!

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